Grameenphone 1 taka 5 MB and 5 taka 50 MB!

How come everyone ???? I 'm like asenaamio well .

I always try to give you something new . And then I got the offer of a new GP .

This post is only for those who know the nagraminaphona now at 1 and 5 at 5 MB and 50 MB .

Both were very interesting details apharayai left post .

1st Offer 1 at 5 embi period of two days, it is not any offer. It's actually sosala pack GP. This package gives you unlimited hours and hoyatasaepa Facebook kamayo. But when you buy a package with unlimited Facebook kamayo and hoyatasaepa will be 5 embi Internet. All websites with which you can browse and download.

Buy package, dial * 500 * 301 # 5 MB bit singer can get on the Internet and Unlimited Facebook kamayo and hoyatasaepa.

5 at 50 MB period of 5 days, it is an attractive special offer from GP. This offer is valid until further notice, from September 8 to 5 day period thakabeera. Active offer, dial * 500 * 44 # to receive a bit maddhyei 50 embi Internet.

I want to oyaobaksa MB 0 of 3 months can be extended. 15% VAT and 3% for each package and SD charged.