airtel Re-registration Offer

To reward the users for re-registration of their sim card, Airtel brings to you a special data bonus offer.


  1. Prepaid customers of Airtel Bangladesh will be eligible for this offer, according to the following modality:
    • Customers will re-register through biometric process
    • Customers will get an acknowledgment SMS upon successful biometric registration
    • After successful re-registration, customers will have to recharge tk.19 within 3 days (re-registration+2)
    • Up to 3GB bonus will be posted on a random basis


  1. The recharge amount will go to customers?? Main Account
  2. The random data bonus will be rewarded only once to a customer during the campaign period.
  3. Bonus will be posted within 48 hours, and can be used 24 hours. Validity will be 3 (posting +2) days
  4. Customers will get an acknowledgement SMS upon successful bonus posting, checking code for bonus will be *778*33#
  5. For 3GB, posting will occur in 3 monthly installments of 1GB.
    • Each 1GB will be have a validity of 3 (posting +2) days.
    • Customers will have to use tk. 30 in 1st and 2nd month since the first 1GB posting to get the 2nd and 3rd installment of 1GB data bonus.
    • If a customer does not use tk.30 in 1st month, but uses the amount in 2nd month, they will be eligible for the 2nd 1GB installment.
    • Each 1GB of the 3GB bonus will be posted to DA33
  6. Customers who have already re-registered before 21st March 2016, or gotten the previous segmented biometric offer bonus will not be eligible for this campaign